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April 24, 2011 by Rev Billy
April 20, 2011 by Rev Billy
April 9, 2011 by Rev Billy
There is a moment half-way through “Tweets from Tahrir” – the new tweet by tweet running quotation of the Egyptian Revolution – where the reader gets goosebumps. It’s when you realize, “I could do this. I could have my own personal Tahrir.”
March 29, 2011 by Rev Billy
 There were hundreds of millions of Kindles and Nooks frozen in death, stuck on one page – “Why America Slept.”
March 22, 2011 by Rev Billy
March 17, 2011 by Rev Billy
Talk About Disaster  
March 3, 2011 by Rev Billy
 Mickey Mouse Pleads with the Wisconsin Children: Don't Revolt! Watch TV! Go Shopping!
February 26, 2011 by Rev Billy
 The Church of the Wisconsin Rotunda
February 17, 2011 by Rev Billy
 The Earth is in Prospect Park, is in the Inwood forest, is in the swirling mouth of the East River. The Earth rises up and enters New York like an aggressive immigrant who will change the world. The thing that created us confronts us and suddenly we know: the Earth is totally hip.