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February 9, 2012 by Rev Billy
 Reflections from the first leg of the Fear of Banking tour
January 12, 2012 by Rev Billy
Tropical forests, wetlands and estuaries, and the coral reefs beneath the ocean's surface are the carriers of most of the life on the Earth. Tropical forests are the home of half of all species, and they are, as of the beginning of 2012, one third gone. Caught in the slash-and-burning and lumbering and fast-food grazing of current economies, the planet will be deforested for our grandchildren.
December 23, 2011 by Rev Billy
Occupy the Holidays
December 15, 2011 by Rev Billy
Nine Communities with Smiles and Wiggly Fingers!
December 7, 2011 by Rev Billy
Rhetoric in the Presidential campaign reflects the Occupy movement. Suddenly "Capitalism" is a bad-sounding word, even in the mainstream media. That's interesting, but not a revolution.
December 5, 2011 by Rev Billy
We now must invade the 1%, occupy them as we occupy ourselves.
November 24, 2011 by Rev Billy
Consumerism is violent.
November 21, 2011 by Rev Billy
 In celebration of Buy Nothing Day...
October 26, 2011 by Rev Billy
Finding Out What The Occupy Wall St Movement Is