13415502_10153492323385974_2890169061312391334_o.jpgThe Bernalujah faithful will feel the Bern a year from now, and ten years from now. This most unlikely candidate was the one that would break through, the revolutionary in the election, the right one. Bernie Sanders is conceivably the form an American Revolution could take. He is the breach of the corporate wall.

Eugene Debs, Eugene McCarthy, Shirley Chisholm, George McGovern, Norman Thomas, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Jackson – these also-rans are the compost that slowly built the ideal of the true outsider. Bernie is the bridge between these idealists and the corrupt mainstream, and oh we need him. 

And the Bernie legions have nothing to feel bad about. This infrastructure is now in place. And whoever is in that Oval partition will FEEL THE BERN for years. Bernie will be there, a living moral presence, no matter what the corruption serves up.

There will someday be a President who is that moral presence in the flesh, standing there looking across the White House lawn, and that person will owe so much to this remarkable campaign in 2016, and that President could be Bernie himself.