Bendy Tree Is Gone

10670215_10152268720985974_721407836149448448_n.jpgDuring the takedown, it is clear that she was stronger and healthier than the diagnosis of the "professional arborist" of the city. It will take a while for us to transcend the fear we learned from the wllderness-hating old testament god that still secretly runs things when he can.

I was released from the New York jail affectionately called The Tombs in the wee hours this morning, appearing before a truly hilarious night court. I pled guilty to Obstruction of Government Administration - or was it Trying To Get Chain Saw Guys To Stop and Think." I was sentenced to the time I served, about 14 hours. And so now its the morning of the march and I'll have the pleasure of rising from the dead to surprise my friends. Savitri is putting the finishing touches on her big BEE ALIVE! banner. The other sign sez RESIST EXTINCTION! 

I want to thank you for the testimonies of support in the social forums. Policemen at the 9th Precinct were reading them to me and - admiring our community - as do I. It helped with the cold and the stink of the cell. I haven't been in prison in a year, not since the Golden Toad concert at the Chase Bank on Sept 12, 2013. Lena was glad to see Dad in the house again when she woke up, but demanded her warm milk in the bottle a little too quickly, in my opinion, and we asked her to use the magic words in her request, and Lena complied with a smile.

Bendy Tree rest in peace. We remember the love we feel for you. It is continuous and will walk in us at today's march. We ask for a chance to re-learn our love for the Earth!