Beatitudes of Buylessness

LowRes_7646.jpgBlessed are you who confuse consumerism with freedom. You’ll be delighted to discover the difference. Amen!

Blessed is the artist who is not corporate sponsored, for you shall teach us Peace, Peace-a-lujah!

Blessed are the farmers. You release the power of organic tsunamis upon toxic Monsanto.

Blessed is the ordinary citizen who holds onto a patch of public commons, for you are the New World.

Blessed are the workers in the super malls, for the town your employers’ killed will come back to life!

Blessed is the breadwinner with out-sourced dreams who sits in an SUV stuck in a traffic jam from Hell. A free gift shall set you free.

Blessed are the young women in sweatshops. The things you make will fly you like magic evening gowns to the City of Light.

Blessed are you who disturb the customers. You just might be loving your neighbor.

Blessed are Big White Men, Big Oil Big Dams Big Pipelines... the wind and the sun shall bring you Peace.

Blessed are the mothers of the children murdered by men in uniforms. Your fierce forgiveness is gun control.

Blessed are you immigrants. We are crossing the deserts and rivers and ocean! We are escaping to be with you!

Blessed are the immigration police, for you shall realize that you just arrived here. Love will make you a citizen.

Blessed are you who see the Earth shining in an act of justice.