Stop The Spray Petition Goal: 200 Signatures

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ROUNDUPPEOPLE_SQ.jpgDear Mayor DeBlasio and New York City Council members,

It is time to ban the use of Monsanto's RoundUp, in New York City public spaces.  

Glyphosate is the most used herbicide in New York City and was sprayed nearly 3,500 on public spaces by the Parks Department in 2015.

New York City should join Ireland, Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, Bermuda and a growing list of cities, including Chicago IL, Takoma Park MD, Richmond CA, Vancouver BC, and Paris, and ban glyphosates.

The announcement in March of glyphosate as a "probable carcinogen" by the highly regarded cancer-research wing of the World Health Organization (IARC) is but the latest of a growing number of scientific findings that exposes the health impacts of the herbicide--whether it be the development of carcinogens or the spread of antibiotic resistance in disease-causing bacteria.

Please put the safety of our children and families first.

The People Who Love New York City



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