At the Collision of the Circuses

984259_10152457192905974_671815165263771469_n.jpgI HAD A DREAM THAT THE STOP SHOPPING SINGERS HAD AN ORGY AT THE COLLISION OF THE CIRCUSES. Savitri and I were walking through the old tent as big as city blocks and very old like from another century. I was missing my blue enamel shoes with the clouds. There was a terrible emergency in the air but a great feeling that made you belly laugh.

Savi said look at all the lion-tamers walking around, cracking their whips, and no lions. I could see that this circus was a collision of circuses and the animals all got away. People rushed by like they had to do a task, a job. But others stood there with a long thought, like they had 90 childhood backyard memories in a row. Then we walked up to our friend Nehemiah, the music director of the Stop Shopping Choir. I was reminded of the space-shot announcer who said, "There has been a malfunction, obviously." There was a landscape before us. The choir was making love to itself in the ring of the circus. Nehemiah was very concerned, but in a gentle way. He would start conducting, and then stop with his hands still afloat. The thing is, the singers were still carrying the melody, nice harmonies rose from the pumping bodies. It was an orgy deep in thought. 

A panting singer was quoting Rumi. Someone sang in a falsetto: "I am individuating as I do this." Savitri and Nehemiah were laughing like they were laughing the last laugh of a long work day. Meanwhile, the aroused were testifying. "I am Anna! I am Rafael! We are all strangers!" We wondered what that meant. We are all strangers. Bare shoulders and backs covered with sweat would appear and then go down into the hills and valleys and moving legs and stretching fabric. 

There were whimsical comments rising out of this commitment to extreme physicality. A group was rising now on the south end of the sex family. They were starting a funk thing and pulling the moaning people to their feet. People were still connected but they weren't complaining. The singers tried to march while writhing like waves. Now it was part orgy and part parade. I realized that we were going to Monsanto with this undulating army. Nehemiah was moving them toward the brilliant light.They had a six part harmony going with a James Brown beat on the two and the four. "What do we do? We do with you? Do to you with this power? -- What do we do? We do with you? What do we do with this power?"