Art of the Power Prayer for a Vanishing Bee

10612714_10152213867530974_6692441597255581804_n.jpgSavitri kneels before a flower in the Queen Bee gown with swirling hive as the crown, while Lena watches from deeper in the grass. Near the Giant's Causeway west of Belfast (the Irish Sea is just beyond the horizon of this picture) are the haunting sea-cliff meadows. the home of last of the Colette's Bee. These are not hive bees, but "solitary bees" that burrow down in the turf of this windy grass and flowers. This year a right wing rich Irish-American is buying the land and converting it to hotels and golf courses. 

The Friends of the Earth of Northern Ireland (not to be confused with the vanilla version of FOE in Washington) invited us to conduct rituals and performances in honor of the bee. Ever heard the quote: "Tourists Destroy What They Seek." And the 1% makes money providing this destruction. But now we have a challenge from life - the life of this bee. We must learn to rise from our prayer and encircle, hover and sting the forces of death. Earthalujah!