Ancestors Give Us The Power

14196154_10153696895460974_6802385391982121926_o.jpgWe are with friend from Friends of the Earth in Belfast, here at the faerie circle at Ballynoe, Lena's making little beds for the faeries - with grass and dandelion flowers and feathers in the holy stone's cracks. 

We are consulting the Standing Rock goings-on by the hour. A lesson the people of the 1st Nations give us is that you can stop the black snake by talking to everything in all directions, ancestors and spirit allies, lovers and friends. Ceremony as action. Prayer as action. Dancing as action and this includes the dance of your horse whipping-up-the-spirit resistance. Let's add paranormal whispering, flamboyant evolution, and requests to faeries to the Earth First Handbook for Direct Action! 

Our family's time away is over. The choir begins rehearsing this Sunday. Lena starts 1st grade. So, we take the bus to Dublin tomorrow and fly to Newark. We feel rejuvenated. Creative Earthalujah is coming into our activism this fall, we can feel it. Monsanto and Bayer take note - your glyphosates and neonicotinoids are unseeable chemicals from your dark arts. We know the realm of the unseen.