All Packed

We're all packed for Scotland. Lena is crying as Savi brushes her hair. Going out a week early to meet Edinburgh activists and try to find where Monsanto's CEO Hugh Grant lived when he was a boy. 

Then we'll go back into his past with a loving hex which will then travel into his future actions, a loving version of Monsanto's coating seeds to a plant that alive but poisonous... I remember watching the choir visiting Grantham in the UK, visiting the childhood home of Maggie Thatcher. The choir arranged itself in a phalanx and performed the dance from Thriller. 

We're glad to be a part of the Edinburgh Theater fest. At the shows on the 16th and 17th we'll have a choir of eleven, if we all stay out of jail. Maybe in some future performance we can fly the whole choir over in a veggie-powered jet. After Edinburgh we'll travel to Belfast to conduct a fabulous worship in the city center, a dull mall that the locals want us to consign to hell and then regenerate. Then up the coast to Giants Causeway and other mysteries. There is an endangered bee up there, the Collette's Bee, and we'll stratgize a comeback with them, an uprising from their last few hives. Earthalujah!