13319688_10153483737470974_2077423823848637385_n.jpgAli, Prince, Daniel Berrigan, Berta Caceres, Oliver Sacks, David Bowie.

These lives that are breaking over us. I don't remember a time like this. This is a super storm. The fantastic chapters of their lives come down on us like a living color wave. 

I'm moving in slow motion, wondering what the hell. All around me babies are being born to thrilled parents. The Earth is ready to cash us in. The fabulous cemetery of 2016 - is a generation of dead so astounding in life - they had to die for us to organize our respect. 

And now their lives bear witness to this accelerating thuggery of big institutions and public figures, and the arctic liquifies and the wildfires feel more personal than celebrities and the air we breathe and the water we drink is a scandal of toxins. These teachers watch us from thousands of photographs. Their personalities make a landscape of unselfied life. They are daring us to figure this out.