About Reverend Billy


Reverend Billy grew from work supervised by his teacher, Sidney Lanier, in the mid nineties.  The ministry of a “new kind of American preacher” debuted on the sidewalk at Times Square in 1998, in front of Disney and Mickey Mouse, the anti-Christ.   I noticed that when I was rockin’ that a group near me would begin to clap, and the choir was born.

Now many Devils and justice campaigns later, those early campaigns against chain stores and sweatshop products are still present our work.   The imperialism of dreams that is marketed so brutally by Disney – goes on in our resistance to Starbucks, Walmart and climate-villains JPMorgan Chase and Monsanto.  Over the years we have made rituals and concerts inside these stores.  I find that praying while trespassing has more power, Amen?

After Katrina and Rita storms in 2005 I became an Earth radical with Savitri and with the choir.  The satire has faded as the Earth demands that we stop more than our shopping.  Much heartfelt gratitude to Savitri and Lena and to our family of activists.