A Thousand Standing Rocks

14917191_10153846883865974_4728606932821631939_o.jpgAfter this year of living hate, we are wobbly and woozy and haunted and hurt. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to gather together and heal? Offer some support and listening? At a fun spot like Joe’s Pub?

Healing. Is that the right word? It’s not like we want to recover back to some idea of normal living – some life that we imagine existed before these campaigns. The election is only a symptom of a raging epidemic. 

The deadly culture that makes each month the hottest month, and continues to kill a thousand unarmed Americans each 12 months, with 60 million people searching for their home… all of this isn’t caused by these two competing 1%ers. No, the flood and the drought, the racism and the extinction – is brought to you by all of us. The institutions that enforce racism and rape of the natural world are permitted to continue by you and I. The beginning of revolution is too imagine that it is possible, and then to sing and march, to organize and occupy.

It is a gift to have Standing Rock as an alternative to commercial democracy. The choir wants to go, but we wont get there by the opening show. We’ll have some of the Standing Rock faithful who will describe events. And if our heart heals right, then there will be a thousand Standing Rocks. 

Join us at “GATHER! …After The Year Of Living Hate.” A review and revue, at Joe’s Pub at the Public, 425 Lafayette, New York City. Five Sundays November 20 to December 18, 2 PM doors open 1:30. Tickets $12 - $15. Discounts and youth rates.Joespub.com and Revbilly.com

Photo is from "Not An Alternative" and their current writing in e-Flux. This photo is from their Houston museum project, examining the relationship of sacrifice communities in Houston and the big art institutions, dependent on oil money.