Read Reverend Billy's #BlackLivesMatter Sermon

11016072_10152584822400974_880475407322251388_n.jpgReverend Billy faces up to one year in jail for this brief #BlackLivesMatter sermon at a peaceful vigil honoring unarmed civilians killed by police.

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It looks as if
Our brothers and sisters in uniform
Are tightening 
They're surrounding
Of the names 
Of these victims
Of there heroes
Of these children
Of these fathers and mothers
And what they are doing goes right to the heart
Of the uprising
That started with Michael Brown
Black Lives Matter
One of these policemen right now is thinking
What a PR disaster it will be for them
To force away from this public space
The names of our citizens who have been murdered unarmed
Sleeping on couches
Walking the dog
Being a human being
But they don't have protection
Call your marketing people
This is a disaster for you
You should stand here and respect these human beings
These souls
These people
Don't take those names
Black Lives Matter