10891636_10152458046080974_3424914859846142013_n.jpgHere’s how we’re thinking about 2015. Monsanto is the Devil. The Honey Bee is the Hero. That hasn’t changed. 

We want to move close to the beating heart of the Great Poisoner. We have confronted their office buildings, exorcised and eaten organic in their frontyards and lobbies until uniformed men walked toward us with an expression on the faces like they bit a piece of bad meat. Their poisons radiate to the trees and grasses of their manicured corporate-scape, and then out into the adjoining ecosystems. We want to sing radical music in the organic farms that are at risk downwind. Our notes will catch their spoors poisoning the minds of EPA officials, dining on Monsanto money, as glyphosates and neonicotinoids flood the water, air, and soil of our loved one.

Move upwind into them. Defeat their stories. In 2014 we sang past their security, climbing the stairs into the drone lab where they – working with the Pentagon – hope to replace the honey bee with the Robobee. We outed them into the pages of the New Yorker and Village Voice. We talked softly to their hapless scientists. The workers at Monsanto are parents. Their consumers have nieces and nephews. Monsanto is surrounded by people who have a crush on life. Never has such a huge company been so vulnerable to life’s revolt. We want that pied piper job. Sing and change, preach and de-toxify… walk deep into their marketing. Upwind in the poison. Defeat their stories.