Welcome to the Church of Stop Shopping!

Reverend Billy & The Stop Shopping Choir is a radical performance community based in New York City, with 50 performing members and a congregation in the thousands.

We are wild anti-consumerist gospel shouters and Earth loving urban activists who have worked with communities all over the world defending community, life and imagination.

We compel action in those who have never been activist,  revive exhausted activists, and devise new methods for future activism. We also put on a great show.

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Casting Mickey Into Hellfire in 1999

11755918_10152886936885974_5269805380399380824_n.jpgTaking on Consumerism was not a well-thought out career decision by me. I would have had the sensation that I was the tree falling alone in the forest if it wasn’t for the fact that I was screaming into a collection of Times Square zombies in Bermuda shorts. I must have been like a comic of some kind to the people standing there, across from the Naked Cowboy. Did I enjoy their stares? Was I feeding on their confusion? What kind of person throws his body between kids and their beloved mouse? “Will you see the light, my sinners? To save your souls you must immediately RUIN YOUR VACATION!”

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Turning Around Slowly

11782308_10153103249697424_1940443191957864821_o.jpgLOOKING BACK AT OUR NIGHT WITH NEIL YOUNG AND DARYL HANNAH. Yesterday we just took naps and long walks. It wasn't a chemical hangover. It was a performance hangover or no - call it an EXPERIENCE hangover. This morning we begin to wonder at the sophisticated loving sweep of the vision of these two, Neil Young and Daryl Hannah. I dimly remember a partnership like this during the Viet Nam War - this kind of courage was shown by Jane Fonda and DonaldSutherland with their tour of army bases during Viet Nam. The reason I am thinking of the old Peace Movement is because Neil/Daryl and Jane/Donald both deal in high stakes justice struggles. Not a lot of policy theory, or lobbying, or "meme-ing." It's WHAT'S RIGHT - WHAT'S WRONG - WHAT CAN WE DO. 48 hours ago Neil Young's "Rebel Content" tour just gave $100k to the legal team resisting Monsanto and Starbucks assault on Vermont's truth-in-labeling law, which outs GMO/pesticide foods. So they don't just invite local activists up on their stage to sing - they take money from ticket sales and they wire it directly to activists in the field DURING THE TOUR. This is the kind of hands-on fighting that the Earth demands in this time of crisis

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